Union of students

Реците свима


Students association of the Faculty of Tchnology in Zvornik was founded at the Founders Assembly on 2ndMarch 1998 inZvornik. Our organization is a part of the Students Association of University of East Sarajevo, which is the largest Student Organization at University.Together with other University’s organizations, we organize open panels, seminars with  international guests, student surveys, parties, etc. We also organize  both the freshmen and apsolvents’ celebration parties, charity work and the organization of                          “ Tehnologijada”, i.e. the annual gatherings of technology students from all parts of Former Yugoslavia.Members of SSTFZ (Students Association of the Faculty  of Technology Zvornik) take active part in all spheres of students activities at the Faculty of Technology, the most important being membership in Education and Scientific Council of the Faculty of Technology and the Senate of University of East Sarajevo.

               SSTFZ has recently included the local branch of FISEC (Food Industry European Students Council) which acts as a fraction of the Students Association of the Faculty of Technology Zvornik with  the aim to bring together students from different European  countries and universities and also with the ultimate aim to  intergrate young scientists with European scientific areas. FICES LC Zvornik organizes all its activities together with SSTFZ.

The objectives of SSTFZ are:



Contribution to further development of TFZ;

Achieving and srotecting students’ rights;

Improvement of educational process quality and students’ standards;

Implementation of the Bologne model and  integration with unique European university standards;

Cooperation with other non-government and student organizations with the aim to exchange scientific, cultural and sports accomplishments;

TFZ students employment;

Raising environmental awareness and enviroment protection.